Liên Đoàn Hướng Đạo Lavang

Established in 1984

Chartered by Our Lady of Lavang

Aldine Pathfinder District

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto

Sam Houston Area Council


Phụ Huynh - Parent Committee

Welcome to Pack/Troop/Crew #495 and GS #3005

Our Lien Doan is over 30 years old. Without you and your complete support, we could not have made it. 


Throughout those years there have been many of us “old-timers” who hang around, even after our Scouts have grown to have families of their own.


For those of us who have experienced Scoutings, the value of the programs cannot be expressed in words.  We have come to recognize that when you first join an organization there is a lot of information you need to know as soon as you start. This section was created as a quick reference guide to information you want to know now. It addresses such issues as parent participation, uniform requirements, equipment, advancement, and dues.


As parents of current and past Scouts, we have come to see the importance of parent participation in your Scout’s journey through Scouting as well as other young boys. The journey is filled with adventure and learning. Shared with other adults in the Troop, it can be one of the most treasured experiences you will have.


The Difference Between Au, Thieu, and Thanh Scouts

Au Scouts:
Come in as a girl/boy, leave as a girl/boy.
Parent led.
Involves supervised activities.


Thieu Scouts:
Come in as a girl/boy, leave as a young lady/young man.
Scout led, parent advised.
Involves activities requiring greater degrees of self-supervision.


Thanh Scout:

Come in as a girl/boy, leave as a man/woman.

Scout led with advisors.

Involve activities requiring minimum or no degree of supervision.

In our Lien Doan, the Thanh Scouts plan and decide on their program, run the meetings, manage the equipment, plan and execute the trips, and become self-motivated to advance.


Your Role as a Scouting Parent: Stay Informed/Be Engaged

We are a very active Troop. Most young Scouts cannot hope to keep track of all the events going on. We recommend that parents:

* Meet and converse with other parents and leaders
* Attend the beginning and end of Troop meetings when announcements are made.
* Scan / read the the Troop web site:
* Be aware of the roster

* Consider joining the Troop Committee, becoming a merit badge counselor, and attending events.


Your son/daughter will, at times, have specific responsibilities to the Troop and his patrol. He may be a Patrol Leader or hold some other leadership position. He may also have an assignment for a trip. As a parent, be aware and encourage.


What to Buy

* Scout Handbook – These are available at the Scout Shop.
* Scout Uniform – Also available at the Scout Shop. Official Boy Scout pants are required to achieve First Class rank.
* Class B Tee-shirt – Available from the Leaders.

* For all other, see leaders before purchasing.


Uniform: A Sign of Belonging

First year Scouts should obtain a minimal Class A Uniform. This consists of the following items from the Girl/Boy Scout Shop:

* Scout shirt,
* Sam Houston Area Council/ San Jancinto strip,
* Troop 495 / 3005 numerals.


The Class A also requires the following items:

* Once initiated, Troop 495 neckerchief is parts of a Class A uniform requirement.


Replacements are available at a minimal cost from the Troop’s uniform person.

The Troop’s Class B Tee-shirt can be purchased at a nominal cost from the uniform person.


Camping in Winter and Summer: Surviving Fun

There are three things required to have an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience:

* The correct equipment – Review the Boy Scout Handbook and ask for a list from your first year patrol advisor. Troop leadership checks equipment when safety is involved, such as for winter campouts, bicycle trips, etc.
* The right training – The Troop leadership may place training or advancement requirements as a prerequisite for deciding which Scouts may attend an activity. Getting the required training is usually part of advancing through the ranks.
* Scout Spirit – This becomes a very real issue when dealing with a large group of young boys. Showing good Scout Spirit will make an outdoor experience fun and exciting for everyone!

The Troop Quartermaster is also a source of equipment such as tents, ovens, tarps, and folding tables. Scouts are responsible for treating this equipment with respect, cleaning it before it is returned, and indicating any damage that may have occurred.


Meetings: What to Attend

First Year Scouts are encouraged to attend Patrol Meetings. These first year meetings are structured around activities to attain the early ranks up to First Class. The Patrol Leader and advisor determine the location and times for these meetings. Class B uniforms are the typical attire.


Troop meetings typically occur every Saturday from 12:00 PM to 2:30PM, except the last Saturday of every month. The dates and locations are on the Troop calendar posted on the Troop’s web site. Class A uniforms are to be worn at all Troop Level Function unless specified by the unit leader.


Courts of Honor are special meetings where the Scouts are recognized for their achievements. It is very important for Scouts and parents to attend these as a sign of respect for the Scouts’ hard work. For this reason, Class A uniforms are mandatory. Courts of Honor are held twice a year.


Advancement: Badges of Honor

The Troop patrol advisor plays an active role in helping your Scout earn the early ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. We plan activities on weekends and at summer camp that helps him attain these ranks, typically within the first year.

After the requirements for a rank are attained, the Scout asks the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference. After a successful Scoutmaster Conference the Scout asks the Advancement Chairman (see roster) for a Board of Review. After a successful Board of Review, the Scout has earned the rank.


The approach changes after First Class. The ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle require a Scout to be more self-motivated to earn merit badges, participate in service projects and show leadership skills. A Scout may elect to independently pursue merit badges, or to take advantage of opportunities announced for group classes. Be advised attendance is not sufficient to attain a merit badge. There is often individual work involved.


A list of counselors is available from the Scoutmaster or Advancement chairperson. The Scout will need a merit badge booklet to learn the requirements for the badge.


We also advise new parents to be very aware of what we call the “Blue Card”. It is the often-irreplaceable proof of accomplishment required for receiving the badge, and is to be obtained from and signed by the Scoutmaster before beginning work. A Scout may not work on a badge alone with a counselor, but must find a buddy. A parent cannot sign his/her son’s Blue Card unless part of a group.


Troop Dues: Money and Responsibility

The Troop collects dues once a year. The amount varies from year to year, so inquire at the first parent’s meeting.


Other monies collected from time to time include summer camp, food and other expenses for trips your Scout elects to attend.


Scouts and parents are required to participate in the Troop fundraiser. Scouts are also given the option of participating in other fundraisers during the year to help them put money into their Scout Account for future Scout trips or Scout purchases (backpack, tent, etc.).


Conduct: Keeping Things Safe and Enjoyable

Troop leadership makes every effort to balance Scout-led activities and safety. Our Bylaws outline our policies in this regard.


Our leaders must be registered with the BSA with background checks and training for the protection of our youth.


Individual trips have permission slips that must be signed in advance. These will outline any additional requirements, and allow parents to indicate emergency phone numbers and authorize emergency procedures. In addition, a current health form is required for participation on all trips. These forms require medical disclosure and a doctor’s signature. We also require health insurance information.


If at any time you have a concern about the conduct of the Troop leadership, parents, or Scouts, please bring them to the attention of the Lien Doan Truong, listed on the roster.